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photography, twins, multiples, denver newborn, baby photos

There are many photography services available for babies in the Denver area. You can now hire a birth photographer, a “fresh 48” photographer where they come and take photos of you and the baby within the first 48 hours of life (typically in the hospital or birthing center), then there’s lifestyle photography, and posed studio photography. I am the latter when it comes to newborn photos. My studio is located in Arvada approximately 15-20 minutes northwest of downtown Denver.

photography, denver newborn, twins, arvada baby photos
Fynn & Kai

One type of studio photography I offer is twin, or multiple, photography. Why is this different? Well, it’s different when you have two or more infants in the room, when you’re trying to pose them and keep them safe. I always hire a helping hand to ensure your babies safety, as well as help keep the flow of the session moving as smooth as possible. When you see those amazing sleepy babies it’s because they were finally asleep at the same time, which usually doesn’t last very long! It can be a juggling act to make sure I get through as many poses as possible.

photography, twins, multiples, denver newborn, baby photos
Fiona & Lena

So when looking for a photographer for your newborn babies, please consider experience, safety, and of course which style you prefer. There are many great birth, Fresh 48, and lifestyle photographers in this area. When it comes to posed newborns I am honored when you choose me. My pricing is never higher just because you had more than one baby. Is it more work for me? Yes, of course it is! Might it take a bit longer to receive your gallery? Possibly. So when choosing your newborn photographer, choose Sweet August Studios!

photography, twins, multiples, denver newborn, baby photos

I had the honor and privilege of photographing 6 sets of twins since last summer! I absolutely love having them in my studio, and capturing each baby’s individual looks as well as the connection as siblings.

photography, twins, multiples, denver newborn, baby photos
Ella & Skylar
Isabella & Sarah


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Brittany Wassmer is a maternity and newborn photographer in Arvada, Colorado, specializing in newborn portraiture.