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What to Expect?

Maternity & Newborn Session Info

Congratulations! You’re either expecting or have recently added a beautiful new life into your family. Either way you’re probably excited, nervous, tired, thrilled, anxious, happy, and hungry! The nights are long, the days are short, and the ability to stop and impress these memories into your head are rare. As you sort through the new details of your life, my job is to capture those moments otherwise gone. So to help you sort through this process, here’s a few frequently asked questions about your maternity or newborn session.

1) What does the creative session fee cover?

The session fee covers the cost of the portrait session plus any digital images included the package you chose. This includes time for the session, the use of props, travel within 25 miles of Arvada, time spent editing the photos in post production and any final preparations needed to get your images print ready. *Travel outside of 25 miles of Arvada will incur an extra $25 travel fee. 

2) When can I schedule a session? 

All of my sessions are scheduled Monday – Friday. Newborn sessions are scheduled at 9:30am. Maternity and outdoor sessions are always scheduled 60-90 minutes prior to sunset. These are the only available times for my studio sessions unless otherwise agreed upon.  Please note that in the winter this means sessions begin around 3:30pm. Work and school schedules should be factored in when scheduling your session. 

3) What happens after the photography session?

After we complete your session I will then cull and edit all acceptable images. This process takes approximately 2-3 weeks. When I have completed the final edits I upload low-resolution watermarked images into an online gallery. This will be the time to view your images and choose which digitals to keep. This is the fun part! Please note: these are not the full sized images and will not be available to download until you choose your images. Consequently, any attempt to save or screenshot these images is prohibited and can result in additional fees as a purchased image. Additional digital images may be purchased separately for $25 each or the rest of the gallery for $200. 

4) Do I get a disc with the digital images?

  In short, no. All images are uploaded to an online gallery where you can download directly to your computer. After choosing which images you want to keep, all other images are then deleted from the gallery. I archive them in my own storage for five years. A written print release can be provided upon delivery of images if desired, however having access to your gallery includes the print release. 

5) What prints can I get?

I firmly believe that prints are more valuable than the digitals. They will be keepsakes for generations. Albums are my favorite heirlooms and I would love to walk you through that process as it is not available through the online gallery. My albums are heirloom quality printed on thick boards and archival ink. For more information on archival prints see this post. Your print release shows that you have permission to print at any consumer lab (I strongly discourage prints from Walgreens and Walmart. The online professional lab is a much better option). This is not the same as the Copyright, which you do not need to worry about unless you plan on purchasing your images for commercial business use. 

6) Can I order my images at a later time?  

Due to the large size of your high resolution images I cannot store unused or non-purchased images after you’ve made your final choices. I do keep all  digital images archived on a back up system for 5 years. Therefore, if you choose to re-open and purchase any more portraits at a later time there is an archival fee of $150. 

Session Information

7) What should I wear?

For maternity sessions I suggest one of my custom gowns available to you at no extra charge. These are beautifully designed to show off your growing bump and your beauty. You are welcome to make an appointment to come and try on any gowns you’d like. Most gowns are super stretchy and fit most body types. I can always bring a variety to the session for you. 

            A newborn session is typically photographed with a variety of items, or unclothed completely. I provide all props, wraps and other accessories. You DO NOT need to head to Etsy and buy items for the session. Most “newborn” items are too large and ill-fitting for their itty bitty size. I order all my props, wraps, headbands, and clothing from custom vendors. If you have any special items you would like photographed please bring it to the session. I am happy to make any accommodations. Due to possible safety issues I reserve the right to exclude any items necessary. 

8) Can I add my pets into the newborn session?

I love fur babies and have photographed some pups with babies before. However, due to the current constraints of my studio I ask that no animals be brought to my house at this time. Sorry.

9) When is a good time to do the maternity or newborn session?

The best time frame for a maternity session is anywhere from 30-36 weeks. On average this is the time where your belly is big enough to be the center of attention but not so huge that you’re uncomfortable or putting yourself at risk. Of course I will shoot outside this time frame based on how you’re feeling and what you think is best.

            For newborns the ideal time for those beautiful, sleepy photos is from 6-14 days old. Your babies were given a beautiful flexibility and after this time frame your newborn’s bones begin to fuse and harden and it makes for more difficult posing. This does not mean that after 14 days old they don’t pose or sleep, and I can work with whatever age the baby is at. Just know that we might not be able to get your baby into every pose possible. If you’re baby is born premature these same images can be captured at a later age (2-6 weeks depending on how premature they were).

View my maternity or newborn session portfolio! 

10) When can I expect my print order?

Digitals are delivered after payment and completion of the online gallery choosing session within 2-3 weeks from the session date. 

Any custom portrait order place through me can take up to 3 weeks. Typically I am able to deliver your order within 4-6 weeks. All custom orders are shipped to me as I like to inspect the items for any damage and to check the quality. I personally deliver your order to your front door and have you open and inspect your custom art work. It feels like Christmas! 

newborn session, denver baby photographernewborn session, denver baby photographer

Furthermore, I am fully vaccinated, updated flu shot, CPR certified, licensed and insured, as well as taught and trained by professionals to care for the comfort and safety of your baby.