Newborn Portfolio

Newborn Photographer – Denver, Colorado

As a newborn photographer babies are by far my favorite subjects to photograph! There is something fascinating about tiny humans that will never cease to amaze me. I love all their precious details from their tiny toes to the top of their luscious locks of hair (or peach fuzz). As a new parent you will also adore all these amazing qualities but you will also most likely get fuzzy memories from these sleepless nights. These details change so quickly in the first few months of life. Their eyes can change, their hair can fall out and grow back a different color, they can pack on that awesome chub and gain two chins, and even their facial expressions change as their muscles develop. My job is to capture as much of this moment as possible!

Your newborn photo shoot is best done anywhere between 6-17 days old. This is when they are still super sleepy and curly for those cute, squishy poses. Special exceptions are made for NICU and preemies. Please contact me for more information regarding when to book your session. For newborn session pricing click here.

*Note: I am unable to book any sessions from July 20th-August 11th. If you are due within this time frame please know that I will not be able to do any newborn sessions. All others sessions will need to be scheduled accordingly*

Please note that all my newborn sessions are scheduled Monday – Friday at 9:30am at my home studio in Arvada.