Denver Family Photography

Families are to be celebrated. They grow, they change, and they are full of unwavering love. Many people like to take photos in the fall here in Colorado due to the blazing colors offered by the local aspens and cottonwoods. My goal for your session is to capture the moments in between. The times when your baby goes in for the drooly kiss, when your middle child picks you a handful of flowers, or when your oldest just leans on your chest. I can always make you sit and smile, but I want you to have more than that, because family-hood isn’t always about sitting and smiling. It’s about the moments in between, usually after you’ve put your camera down.

Family session rates are the same no matter if you’re a family of two or ten. I do not penalize you for having children! I love large families. The best time of day for portraits, and the only time I schedule family sessions, is within 60-90 minutes of sunset. In the summer that can be as late as 8pm and in the winter as early as 3:30pm. Extended family sessions may incur additional fees due to the large amount of planning, permits or extra editing that can take place. Please contact me to discuss specifics if you’re planning on gathering more than one family.

Please view my gallery for examples of my Denver family photography below.