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How do those photographers do it? How do those cute baby photos happen with all those cute poses? It looks easy, maybe you’ll try it yourself. Before you embark on self-done newborn photos, I have a few things to say.

cute baby photos, baby posing, newborn photography

When you scan Pinterest for newborn photo inspiration you will come across a ton of ideas and poses. So many of those poses are super cute with squishy faces, babies laying in hammocks, or sitting up like an adult. They are cute! But they are done by a professional who has been trained to care for your most precious cargo.

For example, the cute baby photo above in a pose called the froggy pose, or head-in-hands. In all of my froggy poses the baby is NEVER left untouched. There are two sets of hands on this baby here and I use a Photoshop technique called a “composite”. Please do not ever leave a newborn’s head up in the air unsupported. Their reflexes are so unpredictable and quick that if they do twitch their head could be thrown backward or sideways resulting in neck injury. Don’t forget, this is their heaviest body part for quite a while!

cute baby photos, baby posing, newborn photography
cute baby photos, baby posing, newborn photography

But Can’t I Just Save Some Money By Doing It Myself?

Okay, fair enough, you won’t do anything too difficult. What about the other poses? Well, you should be taking a million cute baby photos at all times. I agree whole heartedly to that! When it comes to putting babies in an actual pose (you want them in/on a prop, head turned to the camera, hand in certain places, bum in air, etc.) please understand that your baby needs to me monitored for temperature, circulation and airway restriction. These are all things I keep in mind when I have their arms or legs wrapped up, or their head titled in any direction. And at the end of the day, if they pee or poop on my stuff I am the one that gets to clean it up. Don’t let their mess become a permanent stain on your grandma’s quilt!

So when it comes to professional images let me take on the hard work. I want you to sit back, relax, and when you return home you’ll have nothing to worry about but baby snuggles! Contact me today to book your session.

family newborn, baby posing, newborn photography
cute baby photos, baby posing, newborn photography


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