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Newborn Photography | 5 Things I do As Your Photographer

Newborn Photography – Denver, Colorado

newborn photography denver, colorado, denver baby photographerSearching for newborn photography in your area can be a daunting task. How can you know who is the best choice? Will you connect with your photographer? Are you making the best decision for you and your baby? Here is a list of 5 basic things I will do for you as your maternity & newborn photographer:

  1. Have a flu shot – As a new or veteran parent, having a sick baby is no fun. You have to worry about so much even before you leave the hospital. You should not have to worry that your baby will get sick from their photo session.  Staying up all night suctioning a newborn’s nose is not fun, or taking their temperature to ensure they’re healthy, or listening to every breath to make sure it’s unobstructed by goop. I not only get my annual flu shot, but I am always current on my other vaccinations such as pertussis (whooping cough) and pneumonia. I cannot imagine how it would make me feel if I ever was responsible for getting a baby sick. For this reason I will tell you if I have been sick recently, or any of my own children. And am always happy to reschedule after a couple of days to ensure the health of you and your new baby.
  2. Have license and insurance – Every service provider should have a state/county license to perform their work. Even professional photographers. Can you imagine hiring someone to work on your house without knowing if they’re insured? As a client you should not have to take a risk with an uninsured photographer!
  3. Have clean props and a clean studio – After each and every newborn client I wash all blankets, wraps and backdrops that were used. I keep my surfaces disinfected and ready for the next baby. I also limit the number of clients I see each day to limit contact with people and allow ample time to clean my studio. Because my studio is in my home I have to be more diligent in my cleanliness, and I work very hard to ensure that you feel comfortable in this space. I wash my hands before handling your baby, and keep sanitizer close by. The  idea is when you hand me your baby, I don’t want you to worry. I want your trust and confidence so I can do the job you are paying me to do.
  4. Have a good attitude – I’ve never found it appealing when someone only talks down about everything. It’s hard to enjoy someone who uses their conversation to share their personal struggles, their bad day happenings, and why life isn’t fun – especially if I don’t know them or have hired them for a job. I love my clients and I want them to love coming to my studio. New moms are tired, so maybe you won’t feel like laughing at my jokes. That’s fine. But I will always have a good attitude and am armed with patience for a baby who might need a few extra minutes to fuss before they fall asleep. You can probably tell from my bio that I’m a fairly laid back and positive person! newborn photographer, baby photos, affordable newborn photography
  5. Have baby essentials – preparing for newborn photography sessions can feel overwhelming. You might forget something. Believe me, I’ve walked out of my house without my diaper bag before, and it was not fun. My studio comes fully stocked with extra blankets, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, and pacifiers. I am happy to use my resources before you have to use yours. My goal is that you enjoy your visit, feel comfortable during your session, and leaving knowing that I took great care of your new baby and your family.



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